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I think I have written about all the options in detail in If I see it right, your ".0" corresponds to what I called ".__NONE__". It is a "right way" to do it, but for it to be complete, you also have to add ".__ALL__", representing -1, as its complement. If you do both of these, I'm fine with it, and we can discuss further problems... :-)

... like inverting representation. If you have non-powers of 2 named, how do you know which exact flags a value consists of?

    class Weird(Flags):
        AB = 3
        C = 4
        BC = 6
        A = 1

what is Weird(7)? Weird.(AB|C) or Weird.(A|BC)? What if you don't have C (or A) as a name? Are you going to employ a minimal exact cover algorithm? :-O
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