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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2016-08-10.19:14:52
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For test_textview, I triggered the symptom -- 4 'TV' NameErrors on re-run, by (temporarily) adding 1/0 to tearDownModule and running with -w.  After removing the TV deletion, only the ZeroDivisionError remained.

This experiment also resulted in a '''can't invoke "event" command:  application has been destroyed''' message.  For me it only happens on the re-run, not in the first run.  In verbose mode, it follows the one test in test_config_key.  Converting the test to 'pass' proved it to be the source.  Looking at the code, I could not find any obvious callback that would be left behind.  Adding 'root.update() stops the message.  (Adding root.update_idletasks() did not.)

In the output quoted above, the same message is shown for the non-verbose initial run,  If from the same cause, the same fix might work on Mac also.
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