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Date 2016-08-09.07:14:38
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Mark, see questions about Mac above.  Basically, do we still need to add 'file://'?

The test_textview repeat errors are eliminated by removing 'del TV' in tearDownModule.  I added it in what seems to be an excess of caution when chasing down tk warnings about trying to do things after app destroyed.  Re-reading the code, deleting it or not seems like it should have no effect and deleting it now has none that I can see on Windows.  If either of you test deletion and get no new warnings on Mac, I will patch the deletion away.

Macosx assumes that it is run once on IDLE startup.  It is not intended to be idempotent.  We could catch the IndexError and ignore it, but that could mask a real error arising from modifying the initial menu structure.  We could catch the error and add a note to the message: "Ignore this if this only appears when regrtest re-runs test_idle after a failure."  Another approach would be to break the triple indexing into three statements, so we would know which indexing fails.  (I suspect the first.)

query and test_query are 3.6 only.  test_textview is all 3 versions.  I presume the macosx issue is also.
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