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Date 2016-08-08.16:33:17
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Did the patch not get merged??

On Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 11:32 AM, Jim Fulton <> wrote:

> Jim Fulton added the comment:
> FTR another use case for this. :)
> We have a ZEO applications where individual database users authenticate
> via self-signed certs. The server's SSL connection has to have this
> collection of certs. User CRUD operations can add and remove certs to
> authenticate against.  SSL contexts don't provide an API for removing (or
> even clearing) CAs used for authentication, so we need to create new SSL
> contexts when the set of valid certs change.  There's no way to update the
> SSL context used by a server, so we're wrapping accepted sockets ourselves,
> so we can use dynamic SSL contexts.
> Some alternatives:
> - Add an SSLContext API for removing or clearing CAs
> - Add a Server API to update the SSL context used for new connections.  (I
> may pursue this at some point. I spent a few minutes trying to find where a
> Server's SSL context is stored, but failed and can't spend more time ATM.)
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