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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2016-08-03.20:34:38
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Experiments with colorizer debugger on: with auto popup disabled with a 
long wait, output for each character entered is (except for time variations) the following, regardless of quotation.
  schedule colorizing
  0.002 seconds

If I type "'/" <tab> for box 'G', I see
  schedule colorizing
  colorizing ...
but no completion time.  An immediate 'a' is not colored and produces 
  stop colorizing
  schedule colorizing
  already colorizing

However, if after entering G, I shift focus off the window, but clicking another window or opening and closing About IDLE, the colorizing completes and I see a time, such as
  41.480 seconds
and following chars are colorized.  If instead, I enter 'a' quickly and then do the shift, I see something like
  colorizing stopped
  58.904 seconds
and 'a' turns to green, as it should have without the delay.

Neither of the autocomplete files import colorizer (at least not directly), but the completion box somehow affects colorizing, perhaps through affecting the tk loop.

If I start with ''' instead of ', the debug output for post-box 'ga' is the same, but 'a' and subsequent chars are colored anyway.

autocomplete imports hyperparser. but I do not immediately see any asymmetry there or in the autocomplete files to explain why '('') and "("") are treated differently.
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