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I don't believe Python would really ever work on a platform with non-8-bit-bytes, I believe there are way too much assumptions *everywhere*. You can program in C on such a platform, yes, but not that sure about Python.

And on 8-bit-byte platfomrs, there is no large model with 16-bit pointers anywhere. There just are not enough bits that you could have multiple 64k byte-addressable segments that are addressed with 16-bit pointers. 

It might be that some obscure platform in the past would have had 128k memory, with large pointers, 2 allocatable 64k segments, >16 bit char pointer and 16-bit object pointers pointing to even bytes, but I doubt you'd be really porting *Python 3* to such a platform, basically we're talking about something like Commodore 128 here.
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