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I think you’re right.

I also think that Korean message(final line) prints by chrome. (Another lines printed by my own codes, please don’t care) But I used code to outside of __main__. I will test my codes from other web browser (like Firefox)

Thank you for replying! 

On 2016년 7월 29일 (금) at 오후 10:58 "R. David Murray"

> wrote:

R. David Murray added the comment:

Since python isn't internationalized, or even set up for someone else to do it (other than getopt/optparse/argparse, and webbrowser doesn't use those outside of __main__), I don't see how that message could be coming from Python.

Most likely the message is coming from chrome itself. I'm going to close this as third party. If it turns out I'm wrong we can reopen.


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