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Date 2016-07-29.05:54:54
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Here is another possible option. It is still a bit of a hack, because the configure script inserts comments into the makefile, but this is already done e.g. with @EXPORT_MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET@. The advantage is we get to keep the filenames of the dependencies in the makefile, so it should be easier to read and maintain. And we get to eliminate the $(cross_compiling) check as well.

In native compiling mode, everything should be as normal. When cross-compiling, the rules for regenerating files should read like

Python/importlib.h: # $(srcdir)/Lib/importlib/ Programs/_freeze_importlib
	./Programs/_freeze_importlib \
	    $(srcdir)/Lib/importlib/ Python/importlib.h

Since the Python/importlib.h should already exist, the rule in this form (dependencies commented out) won’t be run, and Make won’t need to build Programs/_freeze_importlib either.
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