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Date 2016-07-29.04:54:43
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I'm using Python 3.5.1+ and Ubuntu 16.04.

When I open new tab to Chrome using ''.
Some message prints next to shell prompt like below.
asd 저장소가 생성되었습니다...
첫 위키 페이지를 만들기 위해 Save Page 버튼을 눌러주세요!
(Shell prompt) $ 기존 브라우저 세션에 새 창을 생성했습니다.
First three line is my program's message, please don't care about them.
Problem happened at final line.
'기존 브라우저 세션에 새 창을 생성했습니다.' means Program created new window to existing browser session.
I think that message is for and it prints with shell prompt.
So, I was reading simply but I cannot find where it prints message.

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