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Install byte-code files to their legacy locations and names to save space (default are the PEP 3147 locations and names) when configure is run with '--enable-legacy-pyc-files'.

The patch does not prevent ensurepip to use PEP 3147 locations and names when it is run at the end of the installation.

As many tests use the linecache module, it makes sense to skip the installation of the test suite aas well since the patch removes all *.py files (except those installed by ensurepip in site-packages). This can be done when issue 27640 is resolved by using '--disable-test-suite'.

The size of the standard library [1] [2]:
    plain install: 111M
    --disable-test-suite: 53M
    --enable-legacy-pyc-files --disable-test-suite: 23M
    --enable-legacy-pyc-files --disable-test-suite --with-ensurepip=no: 14M

[1] without the extension modules
[2] excluding the LIBPL directory that is installed at --prefix instead of --exec-prefix for some reason and that contains miscellaneous stuff needed for extending/embedding. This is not needed on a mobile device that does not have any build tool.
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