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I'm on the way of simplifying my [pull request for docsbuild-script]( with two goals in mind:

 - Simplify to make it more robust
 - Avoid executing external (~untrusted) Makefile on servers

To achieve this, I need to pass sphinx options to the `Doc/Makefile`, I'd like to call, typically:

    make autobuild-stable SPHINXOPTS='-D language=fr -D locale_dirs=./locale/'

Which work if `Doc/Makefile` don't erase but append to the `SPHINXOPTS` variable. Which is done by `allow_sphinxopts.diff`.

We may simplify it further by adding `locale_dirs` to `Doc/` which does not break the english build, but I'm not sure if it's of any interest.

We may abstract it further by accepting a new parameter like SPHINXLANG='fr', with a default of 'en', but in every case I think it's a good thing to allow passing arbitrary SPHINXOPTS so let's start with this?
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