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Xiang: I don’t think we need to make the tests do anything special. Just make sure they exercise the code that handles overflows. I have been running the test suite without any -j0 option, and I can look over the output and see the error messages. Or if we get to a stage where all the errors are eliminated, you could run with UBSAN_OPTIONS=halt_on_error=1. E.g. in this patch, I add two simple tests to cover parts of the code that weren’t covered before (and if I hadn’t fixed the overflows, the tests would trigger extra UBSAN errors).

ctypes_v2.patch is an update of array-size.patch. I improved the test case, and added a new fix for overflows like the following:

>>> class S(ctypes.Structure):
...     _fields_ = (("field", ctypes.c_longlong, 64),)
>>> s = S()
>>> s.field = 3
Modules/_ctypes/cfield.c:900:9: runtime error: signed integer overflow: -9223372036854775808 - 1 cannot be represented in type 'long long int'
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