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Date 2016-07-24.04:13:47
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I can help providing information on the koobs-* freebsd buildbots (I run them). 

In a default installation, the timezone entries are available in /usr/share/zoneinfo (see attachment for contents)

Iran is not in the root directory, 'Tehran' is in Asia/ subdirectory

tzsetup man page:

The misc/zoneinfo port/package [1] can be installed which overwrites entries in the above location.

The files this port/package installs are in the pkg-plist file:

There doesn't appear to be an 'Iran' entry in the root of this port/package either, so my guess is its a distribution specific location


Beyond the above, tests should not fail (but skip) if the resources it requires are not available, so the change in e72aab080165 is welcome
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