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Date 2016-07-24.01:28:15
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Thank you for pointing that out to me, it completely slipped past.

It looks like the 'Report a Bug' link disappears because deprecated api is used in Doc/tools/templates/layout.html

{% block sidebarsourcelink %}
{% endblock %}

>The following four blocks are only used for pages that do not have
>assigned a list of custom sidebars in the html_sidebars config

I've amended the patch to fix this by using the way they recommend with a custom html_sidebar.

As far as putting it in the title bar goes, I think it's slightly more prone to breakage since we're essentially duplicating sphinx's searchbar code. It's easy enough to add it to the right of those links, there's a {% block relbaritems %} for that. Adding it to the left is slightly more complicated. Personally I like just pinning it to the top of the sidebar but I can look into that as well if you really want.
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