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Author ronaldoussoren
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Date 2016-07-23.10:49:42
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I just noticed that building the Xcode 8 beta 2 on OSX 10.11 results in a link failure of the python binary.

Based on a quick glance at the error (before switching back to Xcode 7):

1) macOS 10.12 appears to have a getentropy function that's detected
   by the configure script.
2) For some reason the build environment for configure and the actual build
   are different resulting in the link error.

Even with the link failure fixed the build will fail because getentropy isn't present on 10.11 and hence the binary won't work on 10.11.

IMHO it would be worthwhile to at least create a patch that makes it possible to use Xcode 8 for building on OSX 10.11, and better yet deploy on older OSX releases.

Based on the invasiveness of such a patch we could discuss if the patch would be acceptable for merging.
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