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Author Cathy Avery
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Date 2016-07-21.15:36:29
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I have added AF_VSOCK support to python's 3.6 socket module ( socketmodule.c socketmodule.h cloned from ). The implementation is very similar to AF_NETLINK.  AF_VSOCK requires the VMware-specific VMCI transport which is currently upstream or the virtio-vsock drivers developed by Stefan Hajnoczi at Red Hat. The virtio-vsock drivers are not upstream yet but more information with source and build instructions can be found at

More information on vSocket programming can be found at

The VMCI transport supports SOCK_DGRAM and SOCK_STREAM on both Linux and Windows. Virtio-vsock currently supports SOCK_STREAM only on Linux.

My python addition supports SOCK_STREAM and SOCK_DGRAM calls on Linux only.

I have tested my implementation on both driver sets on Linux.

Attached is a diff file so you can see which files I've modified. These include a new I have already tested the new file generation by running autoreconf. 

Also included in the patch is an updated socket.rst file however I could not get the final html page to be double spaced.
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