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Date 2016-07-20.20:57:29
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Addendum: I verified flag 8 is Mod1 is Numlock on Windows. has table that claims that 8 is Left Alt and that 16 is NumLock. From what you say above, true on non-mac *nix, and only there.

Flag 32 is Mod3 = Scrolllock on Windows.

Question: refers to event.mc_state in

    if hasattr(event, "mc_state") and event.mc_state:
        # A modifier was pressed along with the tab, continue as usual.

It is not mentioned as an event field in either the NMT ref or  However, it seems to be the state minus any 'lock' flags, Nun/Caps/Scrolllock on Windows.  It must use a system-specific mask.  The only Google hit for "tk event mc_state" is my recent commit of  Is this a normal tk event attribute or a local addition?

There is also mc_type, which is 0 for a tab combinations.
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