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I have to explain for myself.

First, I know tests *are* important. This is not the first time
uploading patches here. I don't want to add tests for this case
is because such codes: call something and test for failure appears
all the places in the code base. This case is nothing special. For
this reason, I think simply add the missing code back is enough.
But then Serhiy presents his opinion that some test cases should be
added, I think it's quite reasonable because it's testing the whole
fspath behaviour, not just this case.

Second, maybe I cannot agree with your opinions in your last message.
I think changes are welcome if they *are* reasonable. The unreasonable
aspects including what you have stated. For this patch, I don't know
which part is unreasonable. Moving test_fsencode_fsdecode after
test_pathlike makes the first 3 tests test for valid arguments.
Extracting bad pathlike tests into a single test does not sounds like
a bad idea. And it's small, right? So it's not hard to figure out
what the change is made and what is actually changed.
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