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Date 2016-07-11.18:02:03
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I've seen and written some code that uses urllib.splitport() [1], but it's not in the export list, nor in the docs. However I see no easy other way to perform the same function. Should we make it official, or get rid of it? It's used internally in urllib/ [2]. There's a test for it in [3], but another test [4] also acknowledges that it's "undocumented" (which suggests that the author of that test didn't know what to do with it either).

Same question for the others in that list [4]:
            'splitattr', 'splithost', 'splitnport', 'splitpasswd',
            'splitport', 'splitquery', 'splittag', 'splittype', 'splituser',
            'Quoter', 'ResultBase', 'clear_cache', 'to_bytes', 'unwrap',

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