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Date 2016-07-07.14:48:46
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> Are you generating the patch using "hg diff"? I don't see the base revision in your patch, and so there is no [Review] link on your patch.

I am using 'hg diff' with ~/.hgrc set to 'git = on' and this time, naively removed the '--git' from the output of 'hg diff' instead of commenting out 'git = on' in the config file :(
(not finding any reference explaining why this setting is wrong for Rietveld).  I will change that to have 'git = on' always commented out.

The Python Developer’s Guide in section '16.1. Minimal Configuration' recommends setting 'git = on'. Since we are switching to git shortly, it is probably not very useful to enter a new issue to update the Guide explaining that this setting must not be used when producing patches to be reviewed by Rietveld because the base revision is missing in this case.
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