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Author John Hagen
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Date 2016-07-05.17:49:25
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@Berker, sorry for the incorrect diff format, still new to CPython (and Mercurial) workflow.  I've attached the diff in a new format.

@SilentGhost I see what you mean that camelCase is used often in tkinter (though many of the examples use lower_camel_case, so it seems like at least it's not consistent currently).

The minor issue I was trying to fix with this patch is that I was showing a programmer completely new to Python the tkinter example and when he pasted it into PyCharm it had some PEP8 warnings, so I was hoping to improve that experience slightly for others in the future.  Some of the changes were newlines for PEP8, would those be accepted?  I'm not strongly inclined either way, so if the core team thinks it should not be changed, I'm happy with that.
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