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Date 2016-07-02.22:06:52
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I have recent gotten
  WARN: ucrtbased contains known issues. Please update Visual Studio or the Windows SDK.
F:\Python\dev\36\PCbuild\python.vcxproj(91,5): warning MSB3073: The command ""F:\Python\dev\36\PCBuild\win32\python_d.exe" "F:\Python\dev\36\PC\" ucrtbased" exited with code 1.

but Python still ran for me.  Today, I recompiled, and python stopped running when I try to either run IDLE or patchcheck.  To eliminate the old .dll as a cause, I tried to 'update'. How to do so?

I started VS by double clicking pcbuild/python.vcxproj.  The first barrier was that Community 2015 is only good for 30 days (the compiler invoked by build.bat still ran) and I could not access the menu.  Once I got the license renewed, so VS ran, there is no Update entry on Help or anywhere else on the menu that I could find.  (I seem to remember that VC Express updated automatically.)

When I started VS2015 from the start menu instead, there was a splash screen with News and a link to a brand new Update 3.

I clicked the first link and downloaded vs2015.3.exe. ran it, and left the minimal selection of components alone.  After 3 GB downloaded and installed, there are error messages that *cannot* be copied and pasted.  Here is a summary:
1. VS update prereq: Installer failed. bad hash 0x80091007
(did this mess up everything?)
2. Team J. Serv CTP! SToryboarding Pack file not found 0x80070002
(This does not seem like something I requested.)
3. VC++IDE base resource package ditto as to error.
(Perhaps not needed for build.bat)
Log file attached.  I will restart and see what happens.
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