Author jjlee
Date 2005-12-04.18:16:51
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OK, I see.

I agree that it's a bug, but I'm undecided whether the
existing behaviour should be fixed.  It's true that clients
are supposed to (and do) send the most specific cookie last,
so this bug could cause servers to see the cookie from, eg
path '/cgi-bin' instead of from path '/mystuff/cgi-bin'. 
However, module Cookie is old and stable, and a patch might
break servers expecting the current behaviour.  I *suppose*
such breakage is fairly unlikely, so I wouldn't object to a

I certainly don't see anybody objecting to a patch to add a
new method to allow access to multiple cookies of the same
name  without altering the existing dict interface (repr()
could change, but not eg. .get()).

Either way, I suspect a patch is only likely to appear from
somebody who is actually using such cookies, though :-)
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