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Date 2016-06-30.21:29:46
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Another +1 here, looks good and has some nice improvements.

The patch needs some cleanup, though:

We don't need the extensions [1], the version switcher, or the susp-ignored file.

The templates dir needs some cleanup; we don't need the download page at all, and the indexsidebar.html template needs to be properly updated for the devguide (or removed, but updated would probably be nicer), and indexcontent.html can go away.  layout.html could stand some cleanup as well, removing the stuff that doesn't apply to the devguide. can probably stay, it has a few complaints that might be nice to fix.  It would be nice to wire it into the Makefile (and make.bat) if it's staying.

tools/static/py.png does need to be copied over, though (and currently isn't in the patch); it's used in the upper left corner of the page.

With cleanup, though, I'm looking forward to this going in!

[1] it might be interesting to look into what extensions from the regular docs could be useful, particularly the 'suspicious' checker
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