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Date 2016-06-26.02:23:32
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ConfigDialog uses nearl 20 tkinter Vars, and I expect to add more.  The name of each appears in at least 6 places.

In one of 'create tab frame' methods:
1. create the Var
2. use the Var with at least 1 tk widget
In AttachVarCallbacks method:
3, 4. attach trace with callback with derived name
  self.varname.trace_add('write', self.VarChanged_varname)
In remove_var_callbacks method (with delete call already factored out):
5. include Var in for loop tuple, to remove callback with
  "var.trace_remove('write', var.trace_info()[0][1])"
In callback definition:
6. def VarChanged_varname

The above uses the new trace method names that will be introduced in #22115, which I expect will be applied first.  (I might also replace
'VarChanged_' with 'var_changed_' or something shorter, but this is not relevant here.)

I propose to consolidate 1, 3, & 4 by replacing AttachVarCallbacks with

def add_traced_var(varname):
    """Create var; bind to varname, append to list, and trace with callback.

    varname must match use in caller and callback def.
    var = tk.StringVar(self.root)
    setattr(self, varname, var)
    cbsuffix = 'font' if varname.startswith('font') else varname
    var.trace_add('write', self.getattr('VarChanged_' + cbsuffix))

The cbsuffix local takes care of the complication that the 3 'fontWxyz' vars need the same callback.  In any Var are not StringVars, add vartype parameter.

Each tab frame creation method would call add_traced_var within a varname loop.  The current varname tuple for 5. would be replaced with self.vars, which should then be cleared.  This will leave 3 name occurrences that must match instead of 6.

I believe 1-6 is complete.  Varnames are translated to config item names within the callbacks, so do not have to match.  For instance,

def VarChanged_spaceNum(self, *params):
    value = self.spaceNum.get()
    self.AddChangedItem('main', 'Indent', 'num-spaces', value)

translated 'spaceNum' to 'num-spaces'.  On the other hand, I an not sure why the difference.  For back compatibility, config names are fixed.  The varnames, like method names, are internal to configdialog and can lowercased (PEP8) and otherwised changed.

For testing, I will embed the add and delete methods in a dummy class with a couple of dummy callbacks.  Then add, introspect, delete, and introspect again.
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