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Date 2016-06-20.03:52:54
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Uploading a combined patch that should work with Rietveld, and I will leave some comments.

I don’t think there is much that I am comfortable changing in Python 2.7. In general it is a bad idea to add new features that are only going to be available in e.g. 2.7.13+ and won’t work in older versions of 2.7. One rule of thumb is if a change would require additional documentation, then it is probably a new feature. In this case, find_library() is returning something that is not a plain filename or path name, so the documentation also needs changing.

If we added a version of find_library() that returned only file or path names (and not archive members!), I might consider that acceptable for 2.7, because it is filling in missing AIX functionality, and sticks to the current documentation. But it sounds like most libraries are archive members, so I can understand if that sort of change is not worth the effort.
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