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Author Demur Rumed
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Date 2016-06-19.17:38:12
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Attaching first iteration. Very drafty. Still need to fix test_dis; will run test suite this evening. Perf on pybench went from 16.5s to 17.5s. It was 18.3s prior to reintroducing use of fast_function. Code still needs clean up besides investigation into how to optimize

Changes not described in the original patch concept: I made CALL_FUNCTION_EX oparg carry 2 flag bits on whether there's a kwdict or a vararg tuple. Code may be simpler to only have kwdict be optional. BUILD_MAP_UNPACK_WITH_CALL was modified to only use the highest bit of the 2nd byte to track where function_pos is. Most uses of BUILD_MAP_UNPACK_WITH_CALL is f(*va,**kw) so I chose to only set the highest bit when there isn't a positional unpacking. If we pushed an empty tuple then that flag bit could be removed
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