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Date 2016-06-17.09:53:04
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FYI instead of changing the helper into a static method, I think you could have just called http.client._get_content_length().

I don’t understand why we need the new encode_chunked=True flag. Can’t urllib.request leave the Transfer-Encoding field up to http.client? Yes it does set Content-Length in the Request object, but it does not set Accept-Encoding nor Connection. Also, it looks like you can still get chunked encoding if you set encode_chunked=False, which is confusing.

I left some review comments, and I think some of my earlier comments still apply. I still find it confusing the variety of objects accepted, and the different levels that the APIs work on. Hopefully it will become less confusing if we can figure out all the corner cases. I do think unifying the data types accepted by urlopen() and HTTPConnection is good, though I am not sure allowing text in urlopen() is the right direction.
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