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LGTM, but after applying to all 3, leave open (or open new issue) to replace patch in 3.6  (before beta 1).

Change signature to *items.  That will automatically make a single string become a len 1 tuple.  For selection (list the 4 selops and) add a note.  "For back compatibility, one may also pass a single tuple (or list?) of items." and Version Changed.  For 4 derivatives, 'See selection.' In the code, instead add (untested):

    if len(items) == 1:  # Remove after deprecation.
        item0 = items[0]
        if not isinstance(items[0], isinstance(str)):
            raise DeprecationWarning(
                 <level arg>
                 "The option of passing multiple items as a tuple "
                 "rather than as multiple items is deprecated and "
                 "will be removed in 2020 or later.")
            items = items0  # or more processing if lists were allowed

Revise test accordingly.
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