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I committed the excellent patch.  It should appear in the upcoming 3.5 and 3.6 releases, and within a day online.  Thanks to both package author and also to reviewers.  I would like to see more patches like this.

I reverted the deletion of version added in mock examples.  It is a separate page, so the reminder is not inappropriate.

Minor nit: Yoni, you 'forgot' to run "python tools/scripts/" on a patched  repository.  Not too surprisingly, the editing left trailing whitespace that needed to be removed.  See the devguide for more.

A possible follow-on.  Some of the packages that document contained modules do so on the main page rather than in separate pages.  If the source link is to the package __init__, rather than to the package directory, then it would be appropriate to add links to the module sections.  The particular example I am thinking of is importlib, where we linked to .__init__.  There may be another.  Multiprocessing is not, because we linked to the directory.
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