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> I don't follow whose patch does what.  But here's what I find acceptable, from a high level.
> * The semantics as presented by the documentation must be preserved.  os.urandom() and other operations that declare they're safe for cryptographic use must remain safe for cryptographic use.
> * "import random" must not block.
> * "import hashlib" must not block.
> Is there a patch set that accomplishes that?

I *think* nonblocking_urandom_noraise.patch will solve the 90+ second start up without affecting os.urandom which should solve the first one (once the already applied patch gets reverted), but I'm afraid I don't know C well enough to meaningfully review that for accuracy.

None of the current patches solve the second without invalidating the first, but it would be, I believe, an additional patch ontop of nonblocking_urandom_noraise.patch.

The third is already the case.
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