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On 2016-06-07 16:49, Marc-Andre Lemburg wrote:
> This gives people a clear choice and doesn't cause people
> to have to reconsider using the random module or wait for
> Python hash randomization to initialize itself when using
> Python during VM/container/system startup.
> I don't really appreciate this approach to break Python in
> cloud setups just because some entropy pool is not initialized,
> which only a tiny fraction of users care about. It doesn't
> make Python land a better place.

VM and cloud setup without a proper CPRNG source are plain broken. True

Secure entropy sources are a fundamental resource for all modern
applications. Please start treating CPRNG like RAM, CPU or disks. You
wouldn't add a workaround for broken CPU instructions to math.c or
semi-functional network card to socket.c, would you?
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