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I went over the sections I above called "Other/Smaller details" as addressed in mywork3.patch.  I think they look fine.  The patch applies seamlessly to both 3.5 and 3.6.

For reference, since I noted them when I reviewed mywork2.patch last week, here are the packages at issue in the question about links to packages:

Package docs in which the patch in this issue adds a link to dbm.rst, email.rst, importlib.rst, json.rst, msilib.rst, tkinter.rst, unittest.rst, xml.dom.rst, xml.sax.rst

Package docs in which the patch in this issue adds a link to a directory: 2to3.rst, email.mime.rst, idle.rst, multiprocessing.rst, sqlite3.rst, urllib.rst, venv.rst, xml.rst

Also, I noticed that asyncio.rst provides a precedent for linking to a source directory.  So both ways have been done before.
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