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Now that #26526 landed (thanks to everybody involved!), I'm requesting a review on an updated version of my patch, which addresses the excessive memory consumption by the parser.

The description of my original patch still applies:

> The attached patch for the parser reduces "Maximum resident set size (kbytes)" threefold, for the degenerate example of 'import ast; ast.parse("0,"*1000000, mode="eval")', by eliminating many CST nodes that have a single child.
> According to the comment in Parser/node.c -- "89% of PyObject_REALLOC calls in PyNode_AddChild passed 1 for the size" -- the memory saving should be generally applicable, and not limited just to this degenerate case.

> I've now tried it with " -r -m", and the memory savings are as follows:
> ...
> on these benchmarks, the saving is not threefold, of course; but still quite substantial (up to 30%).

My new patch updates Modules/parsermodule.c to accept such "compressed" nodes, so that everything still builds cleanly and passes the tests.
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