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Date 2016-06-05.02:42:23
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Patch removed 1 & 2.

4. macosx.runningAsOSXApp and macosx.isCarbonAquaTk were deprecated in then current versions on 2014 Feb 27 by New Deily in #17654.  In particular, 67a7a49e7b78 was applied to the future 3.4.1.  Ned, do you have any objection to removing these now, for 3.6?

I checked the usage of isXyz functions outside the definitions and deprecated functions.  isAquaTk: 8, isCarbonTk: 2, isCocoaTk: 5, isXQuartz: 0.  I gather from that Carbon might still be in use on machines with early 8.5 and that XQuartz is still in use and might be needed in the future.  Also, since exactly 1 of 'Aqua' and 'XQuartz' are true on current machines running 8.5+, they are currently reduncant, but this could change in the future. So I don't propose any deletion for this group.
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