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Date 2016-06-04.00:06:08
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I merged the current 3.6 dev branch into the BitBucket PEP 432 branch in my CPython sandbox. The attached patch is the diff between that branch and CPython default.

All of the proposed changes here should only affect private APIs now, allowing this to be handled as a private refactoring with settings being migrated incrementally, rather than building up a large hard to maintain pending patch.

Donald Stufft raised the prospect of potentially using these changes to create a nicer single-file executable builder that provides an alternate binary that just runs itself - statically linking needed extension modules and then prepending the resulting binary to a zip archive with a file should support quite a few scenarios.

I've also added Thomas Wouters to the nosy list, since Google have been looking at a range of options related to CPython startup and single file executables, which should provide a valuable perspective on the utility of these changes.
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