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Date 2016-06-02.22:31:55
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The --with-lto support added in issue25702 can work with clang, but on a Linux distribution such as ubuntu 16.04 with clang installed you get:

$ CC=clang ./configure --with-lto
$ make profile-opt
Error: Cannot perform PGO build because llvm-profdata was not found in PATH
Please add it to PATH and run ./configure again
Makefile:503: recipe for target 'profile-opt' failed
make: *** [profile-opt] Error 1

The llvm-profdata tool exists but is only known as llvm-profdata-3.8.  We should have the ./configure script figure this out.  I'm not sure what the preferred "right" way to determine this is.  Detecting that CC is a clang compiler and using its reported version number?  noticing that clang is a symlink into an llvm-X.Y tree and using that number?  none of these sound great.  hopefully there is a better deterministic way to query clang for this.
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