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Date 2016-06-02.01:55:50
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I see this was closed,though it sounds like it's because a work around is found, not because the code now handles multiple null values in a row.

Looking at code from the github mirror (pasted below); it looks like the issue is that the countStrings function breaks out of iterating in the for loop, even if it hasn't reached the end of the buffer.

File PC/winreg.c:

static int
countStrings(wchar_t *data, int len)
    int strings;
    wchar_t *P;
    wchar_t *Q = data + len;

    for (P = data, strings = 0; P < Q && *P != '\0'; P++, strings++)
        for (; P < Q && *P != '\0'; P++)
    return strings;
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