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Original IDLE Dark patch: #24820. Follow-up for cross-version issues (initially for themes, but with a eye to keys, etc): #25313.  I intended that 'name2' be future proof (msg252372). I believe my idea was that if it were to point to a future 4th default theme that did not exist, there would be a graceful fallback to 'name', which defaults to IDLE Classic. But I am not sure if I tested this, so I should recheck.  If it does not work, a fix should go in all current versions. I believe the patch did achieve no warnings for older versions, as least on my machine. 

I would have the same goal for keys: no warning, future proof.  A test of the latter before committing requires two independent repositories, both with the patch, one with the extra definitions.  I currently have two 3.6 repositories and will do such a test once we have code that we think should work.

When one selects IDLE Dark as Default Theme, active or not, a subdued red message is displayed: "New theme, see Help".  (The latter part should change to a more explicit "click 'Help' below" so there is no possible confusion with the main menu Help. The Highlighting specific part of the popup suggests saving IDLE Dark as a custom theme, with a new name, This makes the theme available to older versions and solves compatibility problems.  The same would apply to a new key set.

In #24781, Mark Roseman proposed revamping the preferences dialog, both externally and internally.  The main idea for the Theme tab is to present users with a single list of available themes and (mostly) hide the builtin versus custom distinction.  (It cannot be ignored completely as builtins cannot be deleted and editing requires saving as custom.) has an image.  We might consider the same idea for key sets.
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