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About the URL, we are only talking about 4 languages:

* english
* french
* japanese
* spanish

For, I don't know if it's "spanish" or "spanish of Argentina"?

For a technical documentation, I don't expect to have a flavor of the docuemntation for the USA, UK, Australia, etc. It's the same for french, I only expect one french version. Same for japanese. For spanish, maybe we might support to have other flavors?

We can take a look at PHP documentation since they already support a wide choice of languages. English is "en", french is "fr", japanese is "jp", spanish is "es". Only Brazilian Portuguese uses "pt_BR".

PHP uses the URL<language code>/

I suggest to make english "implicit", the default, and don't break existing URLs since they are now hardcoded in many books, many websites, etc. I don't think that it's worth to add "/en/" and add many redirection pages.

What do you think?
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