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Date 2016-05-31.07:24:17
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Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't propose to change the way things work in this area, for the following reasons:

1. pyvenv tries to use the same directory layout/location of scripts as virtualenv does. This allows users who are used to virtualenv to have less to think about when switching to pyvenv.
2. Virtual environments (venvs) aren't meant to be movable. Scripts installed into virtual environments have the venv's absolute path hard-coded into their shebang. This is true for both virtualenv and pyvenv. However, a venv can always be created at another location and have the same stuff installed into it, and the old venv discarded.
3. Making changes like this would not be backwards compatible - they would probably break existing code which relies on a common layout between virtualenv and pyvenv, or the existing relative locations of script files.
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