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Author Sean Hunt
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Date 2016-05-30.10:38:17
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I know that websockets has a issue with when a internet connection is dropped and prints a bad traceback. However I have to manually recreate it when the exception happens which is a pain as when it does it crashes aiohttp sessions as well.

Also I wonder how I can bytecompile some dependencies that would normally be in site-packages to install manually to the embed version of python so that way I do not have to append to sys.path?

And 1 more thing why does importlib fail when you try to reload a relativly imported module. Do you guys plan to add support for it someday? I hope so as it sucks that I cant do such thing as ```py
from .somefile import someclass``` and be able to reload it by only knowing ``someclass``

Also it would be nice if there was a mode in python 3.5.1 that allows you to generate bytecode that you can use in the embed copy of the same version. Or to allow the embed version to generate bytecode that you can use to add to ```` eaily using WinRAR.
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