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Author Demur Rumed
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Date 2016-05-30.01:13:30
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Two issues:

One: `a = (i for i in 6)` does not throw until calling next(a). This applies to the first patch. If it's unacceptable to defer the throw then this whole issue should be closed unless there's interest in having a GET_ITER, FOR_ITER, FOR_BEGIN, FOR_NEXT set of opcodes between comprehensions & for loops. That seems excessive

Two: tracing is getting a bit confused by FOR_ITER being at the end of the loop body. The clearest example is that in test_pdb's test_pdb_until_command_generator it needs 3 steps instead of 2 to trace `print(i)` after the 'until 4' because whereas currently it traces the `for i in test_gen()` before calling into the iterator, it now calls into the iterator first & traces `for i in test_gen()` only after returning. Additionally it doesn't trace `for i in test_gen()` at the end of iteration, instead tracing the last line

It seems fragile to try fix this up by having the FOR_ITER tail receive a negative lnotab line offset to place it on the same line as the loop heading. My own research of the code base has been trying to determine if I can manually emit a trace in the FOR_ITER opcode, but I'd rather not muck with the frame to carry out this façade
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