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Date 2016-05-29.20:21:44
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With 3.6 not bound by compatibility with external imports, dead code can go.  It is an annoying distraction.  The resource saved is space in package and module content listings and maintainer time and attention.  

1. module  It is obsolete at least since 2.6 and deprecated in 2.7.11 and 3.4.4+ in #24199.  If  IDLE is ever separately versioned again, idlever should be an attribute in idlelib.__init__.

2. file help.txt and its dedicated viewer editor.HelpDialog.  help.txt is out-of-date and not maintained, as it was replaced years ago by Docs/library/idle.rst.  Since Fall 2015, IDLE uses to display help.html with formatting and index. See #16893.

3. stackviewer.StackBrowser.keys.  I removed this trivial and no-longer used method in #24790, and then restored it in the face of an objection and the lack of overt criteria for such removals.  I expect the class to get far more drastic changes than this.

Note: 'unused' is determined by grepping the name in consideration in .../idlelib/*.py, where ... == <repository path>/Lib.  IDLE => Edit => Find in Files, Alt-F3.
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