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Date 2016-05-28.19:36:26
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Serhiy, it seems as though _functools is always required for functools to work - heck, tests start to fail all over the place if it isn't available, because functools.reduce doesn't exist.

Subclassing _functools.partial is already tested for, so I wouldn't qualify it as an implementation detail myself. Moreover, I feel that we should try to (somewhat) keep both implementations identical - or close enough.

It seems that _pickle checks for _functools.partial, and that trying to pickle the pure Python version triggers the error in msg266530.

This probably doesn't matter for most (if not all) of cases where CPython is concerned. But I care about the ability for alternate implementations to work the same way.

Compromise: rename the current partial function to partial_func and keep it around ;-)
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