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Date 2016-05-25.18:13:04
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I suspect PYTHONHOME is the problem and not the installation method. There have been thousands of (presumably successful) installations of Python 3.5, and I expect most of them are just for the current user (as that's the default). If these were all failing for this reason, we'd have heard before now :)

There are likely to be some configurations that will cause the initial install to fail if you aren't running as an administrator, but that doesn't sound like the issue here.

Rogue installers that write to Python's registry keys (e.g. Anaconda) are more likely to cause problems here, as are those that globally set environment variables like PYTHONHOME/PYTHONPATH. If, like me, you install a lot of different bundles to figure out which is best, then some of these may be lingering around.

But I'm 99.99% certain that our installer is not at fault and there's nothing to fix here.
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