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Author hakril
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Date 2016-05-23.11:15:45
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I also stumbled on this issue when playing with the winreg module.
I will try to make the discussion go forward by submitting a new patch.
I added a test and tried everything (test included on 3.5) on my own computer (windows 8.1 64b)
There are two points that might be 'sensitive' and I would like to have someone's opinion:
    * I am using `DWORD64` as an unsigned 64bit value as `QWORD` is not defined in <windows.h>
    * I changed one line of the previous implementation for REG_DWORD:
        * `PyLong_FromUnsignedLong(*(int *)retDataBuf);` became `PyLong_FromUnsignedLong(*(DWORD *)retDataBuf);`
        * I don't think it is a problem, but better ask than break something
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