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The list of locations where '/bin/sh' is hard coded in the standard library:

Lib/distutils/tests/|68 col 31| ("#!/bin/sh\n"
Lib/distutils/tests/|57 col 38| write_script("", ("#!/bin/sh\n"
Lib/distutils/tests/|34 col 37| self.write_file(exe, '#!/bin/sh\nexit 1')
Lib/distutils/tests/|45 col 37| self.write_file(exe, '#!/bin/sh\nexit 0')
Lib/|611 col 24| >>> check_output(["/bin/sh", "-c",
Lib/|1450 col 26| args = ["/bin/sh", "-c"] + args
Lib/test/|46 col 24| f.write("#!/bin/sh\n/bin/echo OK\n")
Lib/test/|58 col 24| f.write("#!/bin/sh\n/bin/echo ExpectedOutput\n")
Lib/test/|149 col 28| f.write("#!/bin/sh\n/bin/echo " + c_output)
Lib/test/|205 col 24| f.write("#!/bin/sh\nexit 255")
Lib/test/|673 col 42| @unittest.skipUnless(os.path.exists('/bin/sh'), 'requires /bin/sh')
Lib/test/|677 col 24| with os.popen("/bin/sh -c 'echo $HELLO'") as popen:
Lib/test/|681 col 42| @unittest.skipUnless(os.path.exists('/bin/sh'), 'requires /bin/sh')
Lib/test/|684 col 14| "/bin/sh -c 'echo \"line1\nline2\nline3\"'") as popen:
Lib/test/|1563 col 31| fobj.write("#!/bin/sh\n")
Lib/test/|1611 col 31| fobj.write("#!/bin/sh\n")
Lib/test/|1629 col 15| sh = '/bin/sh'
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