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Thanks Ned. Personally, I'm still inclined *not* to add this to 2.7/3.5. People will get it when the install the 3.6 alphas, sure, but that seems to me to be a relatively obvious consequence of installing an alpha that includes a component that's used for all Python versions installed.

It seems to me that there will be the following categories of people:

1. No Python installed - this will just do the right thing (as would the old version).
2. Only 3.x installed - same as above.
3. Only 2.x installed - having the newly installed 3.6 become the default for the launcher seems like the expected behaviour.
4. Both 2.x and 3.x installed, and no py.ini setting the default - currently 2.x will be the default, and it will switch to 3.6. This is basically the point of the change. And it's an easy fix to add a py.ini reverting the default to 2.x.

People with a default set up in py.ini will be totally unaffected regardless.

To clarify things further for users in category (4), I've added a Misc/NEWS entry (which I should have done anyway) and an entry for "What's new".

As for the documentation using the term "latest Python version", I see what you're getting at, but I couldn't think of a better way of putting it without making the whole thing too convoluted for what is, after all, a pretty simple feature. (It's actually the *old* behaviour that's more complicated to describe). I'm happy to change it if someone can suggest a better wording, though.
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