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Author vstinner
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Date 2016-05-19.13:38:54
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Status of the my FASTCALL implementation (34456cce64bb.patch):

* Add METH_FASTCALL calling convention to C functions, similar
* Clinic uses METH_FASTCALL when possible (it may use METH_FASTCALL
  for all cases in the future)
* Add new C functions:

  - _PyObject_FastCall(func, stack, nargs, kwds): root of the FASTCALL branch
  - PyObject_CallNoArg(func)
  - PyObject_CallArg1(func, arg)

* Add new type flags changing the calling conventions of tp_new, tp_init and


* Backward incompatible change of Py_TPFLAGS_FASTNEW and Py_TPFLAGS_FASTINIT
  flags: calling explicitly type->tp_new() and type->tp_init() is now a bug
  and is likely to crash, since the calling convention can now be FASTCALL.

* New _PyType_CallNew() and _PyType_CallInit() functions to call tp_new and
  tp_init of a type. Functions which called tp_new and tp_init directly were

* New helpers function to parse functions functions:

  - PyArg_ParseStack()
  - PyArg_ParseStackAndKeywords()
  - PyArg_UnpackStack()

* New Py_Build functons:

  - Py_BuildStack()
  - Py_VaBuildStack()

* New _PyStack API to handle a stack:

  - _PyStack_Alloc(), _PyStack_Free(), _PyStack_Copy()
  - _PyStack_FromTuple()
  - _PyStack_FromBorrowedTuple()
  - _PyStack_AsTuple(), _PyStack_AsTupleSlice()
  - ...

* Many changes were done in the typeobject.c file to handle FASTCALL, new
  type flags, handle correctly flags when a new type is created, etc.

* ceval.c: add _PyFunction_FastCall() function (somehow, I only exposed
  existing code)

A large part of the patch changes existing code to use the new calling
convention in many functions of many modules. Some changes were generated
by the Argument Clinic. IMHO the best would be to use Argument Clinic in more
places, rather than patching manually the code.
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